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Hey There, Valued Shopper!

Welcome to Vaporedubai.com, your go-to place for everything awesome. Before you start filling up your cart, let’s chat about something super important – your privacy. We’re like the trustworthy friend who keeps your secrets safe, and this policy is our pinky promise to you.

What Info Do We Collect? (Just the Basics!)
When you swing by VaporeDubai.com, we collect some info to make your shopping experience smooth as butter. Here’s the scoop:

Personal Details: Think of your name, email, and shipping address. We need these to send you those cool gadgets you order.
Payment Info: We don’t peek at your credit card numbers. We provide cash on delivery. And We accept online payment Wise,Paypal & Emirates NBD.
Your Shopping Habits: Which items are catching your eye? We track this to suggest other cool stuff you might like.

Sharing Your Info: Not Our Style!
We treat your personal details like a top-secret recipe – we don’t share it. The only exceptions are.

Our partners who help us process your orders. They’re sworn to secrecy too!
If the law knocks on our door, we might have to share some details. But only the bare minimum!

Cookies: Not Just a Tasty Snack!
Our website uses cookies – tiny digital files that remember your preferences. They’re like little helpers making sure your shopping cart remembers what you tossed in last time.
Keeping Your Info Safe: Our Number One Job!
We guard your info like a treasure. With top-notch security measures, we ensure it’s as safe as a bug in a rug.
Your Rights: You’re the Boss!
Remember, you’re in charge. You can:
Peek at the info we have on you.
Ask us to update or delete your details.
Tell us to stop sending you marketing emails (though we’d miss you!).

Changes to This Policy: We’ll Keep You Posted!

Life’s all about change, and so is our privacy policy. If we tweak anything, we’ll give you a heads-up. No surprises here!

If you have any questions
If you’ve got questions or just want to chat about your privacy, drop us a line at contact@vaporedubai.com. We’re here to help!
Happy Shopping at VaporeDubai.com!

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